Leigh Anita

Visual Artist / Illustrator

I was born during the Halloween season, imagining what is unseen for as long as I can remember. During my adolescence, I struggled with night terrors, at once being in fear of and fascinated by the dark. I had recurring dreams of a red house with a narrow twisting stairway. These long nights would leave a vivid imprint on my waking hours. I held onto the instinctive wisdom of sleep as a way to dispel these specters back into the darkness where they belonged. My work reflects a skeptical curiosity, offering a lightness to the monsters of folklore. I implore the viewer to embrace these characters with sympathy, and to see their fears as they are reflected upon what cannot be seen.

In my early twenties, the same presence had followed me to work at an old theatre, where I stitched costumes late into the night while displaced voices echoed through the rafters. In these years, I found myself slipping close to the veil. As I regained health, I began to study art history and the occult. I found power in the language of symbols and ritual practice. My work draws heavily on this time, much of my work acts as a conduit for my exploration of darkness and light. As an adult, I imagine the good and evil that exists within us all. By night, I still often lay awake to see claw-like branches and shrouds flapping in the wind, and they inspire me to create, question, and continue to toe the line between the mundane and the twilight world of spirits.

Prints of my work are available here. You will also find a collection of Greeting Cards and Handmade Patches.

If you are interested in purchasing an original piece or have a project to propose, please contact me by email at Leighanita@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

b. 1991, York, ME

Education and Credentials

Fine Arts Foundation, 2010 – Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Arts, Summa cum laude, Communication, with a Cinema Studies minor, 2014 – University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire


Communication Distinguished Scholarship Award, 2015 – University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire

Honorable Mention, Scholastic Art Awards, 2010 – Heartwood College of Art, Kennebunk, Maine

Exhibitions and Juried Shows

2019 - Daughters of Darkness, Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts

2019 - Black Heart Art and Beer Fest - Notch Brewing. Salem, Massachusetts

2019 - Featured Artist - Vanity Salon, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2019 - Featured Artist - Pin Up Salon, Dover, New Hampshire

2018 - Grave Tidings Night Market, The Cellar, Hotel Salem, Salem, Massachusetts

2018 - November Damnation, Deacon Giles Distillery, Salem, Massachusetts

2018 - The October Fair - The Graphic Jam, Beverly, Massachusetts

2018 - Horror Trivia, 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2018 - September Damnation, Deacon Giles Distillery, Salem, Massachusetts

2018 – “Strange Magick” - Deadwick’s Dark Arts and Crafts Faire, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2018 – “Jinxed” - Deadwick’s Dark Arts and Crafts Faire, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2018 – Daughters of Darkness, The Witch House, Salem, Massachusetts

2017 – Darkness and Light, The Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2017 – October Fair, The Graphic Jam, Beverly, Massachusetts

2017 - Seacoast Congress of Sound, Rock Maple Woods, Strafford, New Hampshire

2017 – Featured Artist, Lost Coast, Kittery, Maine

2017 – Deadwick’s Dark Arts and Crafts Faire, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2014 – Halloween, Oomph Salon, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2010 – Scholastic Art Awards, Heartwood College of Art, Kennebunk, Maine


**2019 - Poster Design, Short Film Piece. TBA.

2017 – Interior Lights, Album Cover (2017). [Recorded by L’Eclipse Nue]. Interior Lights. [Casette]. Evora, Portugal: Atelier 5-7-5.


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A Tribute to Wes Craven, 2015 – Monsters Holding Bitches Zine #4.

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** Indicates upcoming work